2013-12-07 23:48:29 by Sumiyaka


Few little words for those who are visiting my profile page and are confused by my name... My music alias is "Elyonbeats". I used to make trance and techno music but I changed my genre about 2-3 years ago. I make instrumental hiphop beats, one of my friend suggested that I should start uploading my beats to newgrounds like I used to back in my techno and trance days... so here I am... again. 

"Sumiyaka" or "DJ Sumiyaka" was my music alias when I used to make electronic music, I considered making a new account strictly for Elyonbeats, and I did make one, but it's taking a long time for it to get approved by Newgrounds' moderator (been waiting for about a year now..). So here I am, disregard my account's name "Sumiyaka", my name is Elyon, nice to meet you.

Thanks for listening.

Much love,